Top 7 Travel Essentials For Bald Men [2023 Holiday Packing Checklist]

Top 7 Travel Essentials For Bald Men [2023 Holiday Packing Checklist]


Finally, summer has come and it’s time to have a break from the mundane lifestyle and prepare for the holidays

But hold on a minute! Have you already made your travel checklist? If yes, just read further to make sure you have not missed anything out. If not, well, we’ve done it for you. read carefully and take every single thing from this ultimate holiday packing list.


Why even do a packing list? 

While being super excited packing bags for the long-awaited trip, we tend to forget some of the most important travel items. For that exact reason, the packing checklists exist. We have created this unique summer holiday packing list to solve this common issue and to help you make the most of your holidays.

And since this is a travel checklist made specifically for bald men, you will not find any common items such as a toothbrush or phone charger. 

You might now think what is the difference between a common holiday packing list and the one specially made for bald men. The thing is that bald or shaved-headed men need to take care of their scalp very carefully, especially on sunny days. So now let’s discover some of the most important packing essentials every bald man must take with him.


What are the Top 7 travel essentials for bald men?


1. A sunscreen 

We have already talked about the importance of using sunscreen, especially for bald men: one of the most important holidays packing essentials has been and will always be sunscreen! If you really wish to enjoy your holidays, take the sunscreen everywhere with you and reapply it regularly every 40 or 80 minutes on your head to be sufficiently protected. We advise avoiding direct sun exposure since you risk having a sunburn, especially if you have just shaved your head. Your skin may also be affected by UVA/UVB rays of the sun, which can definitely spoil your holidays.

To know why to use sunscreen, how to choose the right one, how to properly use it and what are the top 10 sunscreens for a bald head in 2023 you can read our previous article.

2. A hat

Even if you use sunscreen and reapply it regularly, a hat or a cap is another must-have of your holiday packing list. The scalp gets sunburn very fast, especially the newly shaved one under the direct sun rays. When choosing your hat, try to avoid black and dark colours, as they absorb UV rays and can heat your head, resulting in fatigue and headache. Instead, give preference to white, beige and other light colours to keep your scalp cool and safe. Remember to take a nice pair of sunglasses to finalize your look!

3. A bald wipe

A bald wipe is a piece of a towel to dry and refresh your scalp when it sweats. On sunny days, even when not directly exposed to the sun, your scalp and all your body sweat very actively. The drops of a mixture of sweat and sunscreen applied on your head may roll down into your eyes and cause irritation. That's why the bald wipes exist. You can have a look at DUDE Head and Face Wipes, which will refresh your head and face throughout the day, take away the sweat and prevent from harming your eyes. 

4. A shaver

To have a well-groomed look while travelling, which women do appreciate, remember to take your shaver with you. Make sure to choose a shaver suitable to be transported and safe to be packed in a suitcase or in a backpack. Discover any of our Skull Shavers, which are perfectly adapted for travellers. They even allow a quick shave on the go thanks to the in-built vacuum system, which collects hair while shaving and ensures a mess-free shaving experience. Moreover, you can enjoy up to 90 minutes of cordless use and use it in a plug-and-shave mode in case you have forgotten to charge it. They can also be safely packed in the travel case to ensure safe and secure transportation. 

5. Shaving cream or foam

A wet shave is highly recommended particularly for a dry and itchy scalp. Therefore you absolutely need to have shaving cream, foam, gel or soap with you since after sun exposure the skin becomes very dry. Consider the Shaving Cream from Bee Bald, which is highly recommended by users, since it is light and slick and ensures an incredibly smooth shave. Make sure your shaver is water-resistant and can be used wet or dry, with shaving foam or without. All our Skull Shavers can be used both for a wet and dry shave and the upgraded models can even be used in the shower. 

6. A Moisturizing oil 

When being exposed to the sun, your scalp may dry out and peel, imposing you to regularly moisturize it. So remember to take a moisturizing oil, gel or spray with you and apply it after each shave to ensure your fresh and sleek look. Moisturizing oils should be your first choice since the effect of freshness would last longer. It is well known that bio argan and jojoba oils are perfect organic scalp moisturisers. We recommend having a look at organic jojoba and argan oils by Naissance. They are excellent moisturizers for your scalp and are very suitable to carry around due to their size and airtight packaging. What is more, being 100% pure and virgin, those vegan oils are safe to use and won’t cause any skin irritation.

7. Shampoo or a Bar Soap

Once again, the bald head scalp needs to be taken care of very carefully especially on sunny days. The scalp becomes too itchy and dry from the UV rays and needs to be nourished and moisturized while shaving, as well as after shaving, while you are under the sun and even when the sun is gone. That is why don’t forget to take a moisturizing shampoo with you to calm down the scalp after a long time being under the sun. Check CLn Shampoo for Scalp Health if you are looking for a shampoo which will eliminate flakes, unclog pores and refresh your scalp.


Here is a holiday packing list template for you 

  Travel essential 



  A Sunscreen

a sunscreean in front of a striped summer bag



  A hat 

a hat with sunglasses put on a wooden bench near the water



  A bald wipe




  A shaver



  A shaving cream or foam

a shaving cream from Bee Bald in Yellow bottle



  A Moisturizing oil



  Shampoo or a Bar Soap

Shampoo for bald head from CLn in white bottle




That’s it! Those were the most important holiday essentials for bald men. Remember to take all the items on the list to avoid any skin problems and to enjoy your time!

Hope this helps and let us know if there’s something we’ve missed or share your thoughts on the article by commenting below. 

Thanks for your time and enjoy your holidays!!!



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