Best Head Shavers for Men

Introducing Skull Shaver's revolutionary men's electric shavers for a perfectly clean and close shave. Enjoy the freedom of shaving anywhere and anyhow with our cordless shavers that will give you flawless results after each use. Thanks to the integrated water resistance technology, you have the possibility to choose which way you want to shave, wet, dry or even in the shower. You will be amazed by the ease of using our products, as due to the unique and patented ergonomic design our shavers will perfectly fit your hand and you will reach the difficult areas in a matter of seconds.

a man using head and face electric shaver by skull shaver

Close Shave Experience

Get the perfect clean and close shave thanks to the sharp and precise blades which are designed for fast and smooth shave preventing your skin from irritations. The precision rotary blades of the razor allow reaching more hair with every pass, resulting in smooth and comfortable shave. An excellent solution for bald head shaving, that ensures gentle close shave of the all areas of head and neck in just few minutes.

Unique Ergonomic Handle

Thanks to the innovative patented design the electric shaver perfectly fits the palm of your hand, offering the best grip for head and face shaving. The ergonomic handle allows to easily access all hard-to-reach areas, to ensure maximum comfort while shaving. You can hold the shaver between your fingers for easy and convenient head shaving, or grab the handle in you palm to easily shave your face. The unique head and face shaver will help save time and efforts for shaving the back of your head, neck and chin.

head and face shaver with cordless use

Cordless operation for comfort of shaving anytime and anywhere

Offer yourself the freedom to shave at home, in the car or anywhere else, thanks to the powerful integrated lithium-ion battery allowing cordless operation for up to 90 minutes. Quick charging and prolonged use for regular shaving. Forgot to charge your shaver? No worries. You can also plug and shave safely with Skull Shaver.

head and face shaver with flexible shaving heads

Adjustment to all contours of head and face

Easily access tough to reach areas with flexing large shaving heads that follow every curve of you head, face and neck. The large rotary pivoting head ensures a close cut of even hard to reach areas leaving no hair stranding.

head and face electric shaver for wet and dry shave

Wet and Dry shave

Shave the way you prefer. Wet or dry, with shaving foam or without, even in the shower. Our men shavers are designed to suit your needs and make the shaving enjoyable. Thanks to the water resistance technology use the shaver at your convenience for maximum comfort and perfect results.