Introducing the Skull Shavers reinvented Women Shavers, that provide clean and close shave for arms, legs and other parts of the body. The shavers have a unique and distinctive design that will please every woman, at the same time they have a revolutionary ergonomic handle that will perfectly fit the palm of your hand and make the shaving process nothing but joy. You will be amazed by the ease of accessing the hard reachable areas with our large and flexible shaving heads. Due to the integrated powerful battery, you will feel the comfort of cordless shaving anywhere. Last but not the least, you will fall in love with your Skull Shaver, as these shavers will leave your skin smooth and soft after each use.

Butterfly kiss womens shavers by skull shaver

Undefeated Performance

The Butterfly Kiss Pro shavers are the latest upgraded Skull Shaver’s electric razors for women. The new model has undergone tremendous improvements both in design and in performance making it a phenomenal shaver for women. As a result of these enhancements, the shaver now allows to have a smooth, fast and most importantly safe shave.

womens shavers - with bonus exfoliating brush

Exfoliating Brush

To ensure a perfect and smooth shave, you’ll need to exfoliate your skin first. Butterfly Kiss Pro provides an exfoliating brush which is easy to use and more effective than ordinary exfoliating brushes. Due to thickset bristles, exfoliating with the Butterfly Kiss Pro brush will help you to get rid of every dead skin cell which in turn will help to have a closer shave than ever. Butterfly Kiss Pro brush is time-saving and requires the minimum effort to work unlike the ordinary brushes which can be very tiring to use. Simply change the head of your shaver to the brush head, turn it on, and leave the rest of the work to the brush.

womens shavers for wet and dry shave

Diverse Using Possibilities

Wet or Dry, on the go or in the shower, with or without shaving foams,creams or oils; the upgraded electric women razor can be used in any way. It allows you to choose what works the best for you, producing exceptional results in all cases.

womens shavers - safe and fast shave

Fast Easy and Safe Shave

The Butterfly Kiss Pro is one of the leading shavers when it comes to comfort and great performance. It allows a 60 minute shave without cord and it can also be used while plugged in. It’s the easiest to use due to its improved design which perfectly fits your hand and is extremely flexible to move due to its ergonomic handle all of which ensure you catch every single hair on your body. Moreover, the blades and foils have been thoroughly examined to leave even the most sensitive skin with no irritation, cuts or nicks. It’s also assured to leave the aftermath of shaving clean by collecting the hair within the shaver.