top 10 shaving creams for the cleanest and smoothest bald shave ever

The cleanest and smoothest bald shave ever? Top 10 Shaving Creams [2023]

Want to have the cleanest and smoothest bald shave of your life?

Here are 10 best shaving creams to get it done right.

If you’re a longtime member of the bald brotherhood community then surely you already have your preferred shaving cream or foam. Now, whether it's time for some changes or you’re just getting into our manly bald brotherhood community or yet considering shaving your head, you need to consider a couple of things before choosing your shaving cream!


4 most common shaving creams - mens shaving products

4 Types of the Most Common Shaving Creams To Choose From

  • Shaving Gel Canned/Tube - shaving gel is highly concentrated and has a more creamy lather than shaving foam.
  • Latherless Shaving Cream - these are non-foaming creams, which have a super thick surface. Latherless shaving creams are the modern form of traditional shaving creams.
  • Shaving Foam Canned - has a fluffy texture and is enriched with air. It does not provide the same level of protecting lubricant for the skin and can lead to skin dryness and itchiness.
  • Traditional Shaving Cream Tube - Traditional shaving creams have a very thick formula and the right choice for those who prefer straight or safety razors. Traditional shaving cream requires more time and additional accessories such as a shaving brush, a scuttle, etc.

Razor and shaving cream compatibility

Choose the Correct Shaving Cream for Your Shaving Razor and Shaver

For best results, you also need to understand which shaving cream works best with your razor. Crazy right? But believe me, it’ll pay off since women find it sexy when you get that perfectly smooth shaved head.
There are 4 different types of razors; the straight razor, double edge safety razor, cartridge or disposable razor and electric shaver. Are you still unsure which one to choose? Find the difference between the electric shaver vs razor and choose the one that will work best for you.

Now that you have chosen your razor, let’s see which shaving cream works the best with each shaver.

  • Straight Razor - Shaving soap, Traditional shaving cream
  • Double edge safety razor - Shaving soap, Traditional shaving cream
  • Cartridge or disposable razor - Shaving gel, shaving foam, latherless shaving cream
  • Electric shaver - latherless shaving cream, shaving foam, gel and soap

Top 10 Shaving Creams For the Cleanest Head and Face Shave

Now that you know what precisely you need to look for, let’s see the 10 best shaving creams for head and face.

1. Simple Living Healthy Life Herbal Shaving Cream

natural shaving cream - Simple Living Healthy Life Herbal Shaving Cream

To choose the best shaving cream for yourself, you have to choose the one that works best for you. However, you can’t simply go and choose anything, right? The very first thing to look for is the ingredients of the shaving cream because those will eventually either be a blessing for your skin or a curse. If you don’t know how does the shaving cream work and what ingredients to avoid or to look for we’ll give you some quick tips! Look for paraben-free shaving cream, and look for natural preservatives such as Vitamin E and natural oils. The best shaving cream for men which is paraben-free and is made of premium herbs is the Skull Shaver’s Simple Living Healthy Life Herbal Shaving Cream. This shaving cream isn’t airy and gets concentrated on your skin allowing you to see where you’re shaving and which part went missing. It prepares the hair follicles to the shaving by softening them, cleaning the pores allowing the razor to get the closest shave possible. What we also love about this product is that it’s cruelty-free and isn’t tested on animals! Can you use shaving cream with an electric razor? The answer is absolutely yes when it comes to these shaving creams. Due to its texture, the shaving cream can be used with an electric razor without dodging it. These shaving creams are perfect for any type of skin and even for the most problematic ones. It’s practical enough for you to take it with you and use it for shaving on a holiday


2. Clinique - Cream Shave

Clinique - Cream Shave - premium shaving cream

If you’re looking for a face shaving cream that will give you a safe shave and leave your skin very smooth then you’ll need to check out Clinique's Cream shave! Using the Cream Shave as a pre-shave cream prepares the hair for shaving by making them smoother. It has a thick texture so it won’t produce much lather, however by applying the cream in the opposite direction that hair grows and saving in the direction that hair grows ensures good results. The customers absolutely love the smell of this shaving cream as well as the smooth skin as a result of shaving with it.


3. Molton Brown - Skin-calm Shaving Cream

Molton Brown - Skin-calm Shaving Cream - british vegan shaving cream

If you’re looking for cruelty-free shaving cream then American Barley Skin-calm Shaving Cream is the perfect choice for you! What’s better than a paraben-free shaving cream which is vegan, cruelty-free, and doesn’t include a single ingredient of animal origin? Molton’s Brown shaving cream is also a good solution for people who are looking for shaving cream for sensitive skin as well as for dry skin. It calms the skin and prepares for a smooth shave. Although it produces little lather, the fact is that for this shaving cream much lather isn’t needed, as it already has a thick texture and you’ll need a small amount of it to do the magic!

4. Bee Bald - Shave Cream

Bee Bald - Shave Cream - bald head cream

Have you ever heard of the benefits of menthol shaving cream? What if I told you, Bee Blad’s premium shaving cream contains not only menthol but ingredients such as, honey, pollen extracts, salicylic acid, and Licorice root. It may be tiring to research each ingredient and see the benefits, so let me break the benefits of this head shaving cream for you. For the smoothest shave first thing, you need to do is clear your pores, instead of exfoliating which may take some time, the Salicylic Acid does the work by cleansing and opening the clogged pores. You also want to make sure that your skin is moisturized and nurtured, these are taken care of by Licorice root, and Pollen Extract. And finally, Honey Extract won’t let your skin get inflamed and will heal the already existing damaged areas on your skin. The lovely menthol will cool and refresh your skin. This all in one product seems to be one of the best shaving creams for a bald head!

5. The Rituals - Shave Cream

The Rituals - Shave Cream - shaving cream

Such ingredients that are considered to be “The king of herbs” and “The root of life” have found their place in The Ritual of Samuari’s shave cream. The ingredients are Basil and Ginseng respectively. While Basil is a sacred herb in India, Ginseng symbolizes immortality and masculinity. Having a non-lathering formula, It is one of the best shaving creams for face and we absolutely love the philosophy behind the product! It’s perfect for any type of skin and thanks to its packaging you can refill it as many times as you want, keeping your environment as clean as your face after using this shaving cream!


6. Triumph&Disaster - Old Fashioned Shave Cream

Triumph&Disaster - Old Fashioned Shave Cream - quality shaving cream

If you’re old-fashioned and love traditional shaving or at least want to try this ritual then Tripum&Disaster offers you the best traditional shaving cream. The key ingredients for this shaving foam are Lanolin and a combination of coconut oil extracts, organic compounds and fatty acids. While Lanolin moisturizes and protects your skin, other components create just the right amount of lather, and prepare the hair follicles for the shave, allowing the blades to get closer and give a super smooth shave. In case you’re going to have a traditional shave for the first time and don’t know things such as how to use a shaving brush with cream, we’ve got you! All you need to do is soften the hair follicles by applying some warm water on your skin. Apply a small amount of the shaving cream to either your hand or shaving brush with little water. Use the shaving brush or your hands to create a lather by doing circular motions, apply to your skin, shave doing long strokes with a fresh razor, rinse clean and voila!

7. Horace - Shaving Cream

Horace - Shaving Cream - shaving cream for men

Horace's almost all-natural shaving cream consists of 99% ingredients of natural origin. This shea butter shaving cream also includes key ingredients such as Shorea butter, Kukui oil, and Allantoin. All of these products are designed to protect from razor burns, calm the skin in case of any irritation, moisturize and soften during and after shaving. It can be used for all types of skin, although It's an ideal shaving cream for sensitive skin and it's even used for such sensitive areas as the head. It comes with two fragrance, green and citrus which aren’t too strong but leave a refreshing scent. It’s also silicone-free, paraben-free, mineral oil-free.

8. Kiehl's - Shaving Cream

For those who prefer gel shaving cream can use Kiehl’s Smooth Glider Shave Cream. It’s a transparent gel-lotion for a precise shaving that shields the skin. Thanks to Kukui Nut Oil and aromatic essential oils it transforms into a transparent gel once it touches the skin, allowing to see the shaving process which results in having a very precise shave. Now, for those who aren’t sure what’s the best for them and want to know the difference between shaving gel and cream; in short, it’s the lather. While shaving creams are meant to be mixed with water to create a lather, shaving gels have a thicker texture and don’t produce lather. Now you’ve made up your mind and want shaving gel, Kiehl’s shaving gel is full of essential oils and Vitamin E which take care of your skin even after shaving, this should be a good choice!

9. Crabtree & Evelyn - Shaving Cream

Kiehl's - Shaving Cream

We can’t say enough how important it’s to exfoliate your skin. But if you don’t want to bother yourself too much and love products that give the all-in-one, then Crabtree & Evelyn’s Clean +Smooth Shaving Cream is just right for you! This shaving cream with whipped texture consists of Apple fiber which is a natural exfoliating pulp. It gently wipes away the dead skin cells while Apple AHS; Alpha Hydroxy Acids, ‘unglue’ them and reveal a brighter skin. Blackcurrant Seed Oil finishes the work by protecting and softening the skin with Omega 6. All you have to do is apply a thick layer of the shaving cream on your wet skin, glide the razor over the skin and rinse with water and pat dry.

10. Cremo Company - Original Shaving Cream

Cremo Company - Original Shaving Cream

Many people avoid using cheap shaving cream, but think twice before you avoid this last shaving cream on our list! Cremo’s original shaving cream may be surprisingly cheap but we like to call it very affordable as the price doesn’t affect the quality of this shaving cream. It has all the required ingredients to be a great shaving cream for you with a subtle citrus scent. What we love about this product is that it provides the best formula for the shaving creams which gets concentrated on your skin and doesn’t disturb you by having cloudy, airy formula which in fact isn’t the best lubricant and may give your razor bumps after shaving.

5 Simple steps to apply shaving cream

5 Simple Steps to Apply the Shaving Cream For the Best Use

Whether quarantine got you thinking of shaving during the lockdown, you have the need or simply want to shave your head, we have prepared quick guidelines on how to use shaving cream on bald head!

To apply the shaving cream you will need a shaving mug and a shaving brush or you can apply the cream with just your hand. Of course, there are several benefits of using a shaving brush: it softens the hair, lifts them, and exfoliates the skin preparing for a smooth, safe, and painless shave.

Follow these 5 simple steps to apply the shaving cream properly:

1. Absorb the shaving brush in warm water
With the first step, you should soak the shaving brush in warm water or just hold it under the running water for 30 seconds.

2. Get your head saturated with warm water
To get a soft and smooth shave, we recommend getting your hair saturated with warm water. It will soften your hair and skin, preparing for an extremely close, and silky shave.

3. Apply the shaving cream on the shaving brush
Now you should apply the shaving cream onto the shaving brush or on your hand. The amount of shaving cream used depends on the thickness of your hair and in most cases, approximately three-quarters of an inch of cream is enough.

4. Whip the shaving brush in the shaving mug
You need to get the shaving cream into a rich lather, thus your 4th step should be whipping the shaving brush in the shaving mug.

5. Apply the shaving cream
And the last step will be applying the shaving cream to the area you are going to shave. As mentioned above, you can apply it either with a shaving brush or with the palm of your hand and make sure you will do it thoroughly.


Finally, the most important thing is consistency. Choose what works the best for you and use our charts to see which razor gives the best results with which type of shaving cream. The aftermath of the shaving is equally important, so make sure your care routine for your shaved head is correct and consistent as well.

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