Should I shave my head as a woman? All Concerns Resolved [2023]

Should I shave my head as a woman? All Concerns Resolved [2023]

This article seems pretty reasonable but in reality, when we think about getting shaved bald we should remember that it is society that makes shaved hair such a big deal whereas in reality, it is not.
We can tell you not to care about others opinions and just do it but it would not be honest.
From our experience, we know that it is easier said than done. Human beings, thanks to evolution, are social species and unfortunately, we are in a society right now when we have to think too much before doing something to our hair. That is why we have done great research to not only tell you the benefits of shaving your head but truly prepare you for this step. We will tell you about all the myths because it is crucial to have realistic expectations when you are deciding to go for a bald girl haircut to not find yourself standing in front of a mirror and asking “I shaved my head now what?”. We guarantee that at the end of the article you will not question yourself with “Should I shave my head as a woman”.


In this article you will find:

- Reasons for hair loss in women
- Should i shave my head (girl)? Benefits of shaving head
- What does being bald feel like: bald women share their experience
- Will I still look feminine
- Do men like bald women?
- Good-looking, beautiful bald women (hairstyle ideas)



Reasons for hair loss in women

There is a common myth that if you shave your hair it will grow back stronger.
To shed some light on this myth we have gathered reasons and facts to find out what causes bald spots in women's hair? There is a false belief that hair loss affects only men. The truth is that more than 50% of women struggle with hair loss and the most common cause of it is a condition called male pattern baldness in women.

Actually, hair loss can be caused by different factors and can be either permanent or temporary. Let’s break down the most common and important ones:

    • Bad Diet

      When you cut down your calories and decrease the protein intake the consequence is that your body is not getting the necessary nutrients.
    • Hairstyle methods and various styling products

      Make sure you do not overdo the styling because it makes your hair thinner. Allowing your hair to air dry is the best thing you can do for your hair.
    • Stress

      It is no secret that stress, whether it is emotional or physical, has a huge impact on hair growth. Luckily, the condition caused by stress is temporary.
    • Hormonal changes

      Causes for hormonal changes can be pregnancy, childbirth, medications, menopause etc and all of these can cause significant hair loss or bald patches (bald spots) in women's hair.
    • Radiation

      Although there are rare cases of not losing hair after radiation treatments, the risk is still high for the majority to experience it.
    • Medications

      Unfortunately, some medications have many side effects, which may include hair loss.
    • Alcohol

      Although alcohol does not have a direct impact on hair loss, it can cause other health issues, which can lead to bad hair quality and even hair loss.
    • Heredity

      Genetics play a huge role in our life.

The truth is that there are very few women's baldness remedies that can actually prevent hair loss, but, trust us, hair does not define who you are.


Should i shave my head (girl)? Benefits of shaving head

In addition to the above-mentioned statement, let’s talk about several benefits of being bald that will help other women understand why women are shaving their heads and answer to the question “Should I shave my head as a woman”.

    • Time-saving

      Have you ever asked yourself how much time you are spending washing and drying your hair, getting up earlier to style them, scheduling your next appointment to the salon etc.? Shaving your hair off will definitely save you time and this is one of the greatest pros of shaving your head as a woman!
    • No “Bad Hair day”

      No hair will ruin your plans, ever :) You look beautiful 24/7
    • You can experiment with your look in whatever way you like

      Blond, redhead, brunette, curly, half-shaved, pixie cut... You name it !! Get yourself several wigs and start “the game”.
    • Money-saving

      Tones of hair treatments, shampoos, hair salons, hair care, And these are just the basics!
    • Eye-catching appearance

      You get a lot of attention. Stand out with your unique appearance and feel confident and sexy in your body. Be your own role model!
    • New Emotions

      Everyone (boy, girl, man, woman...) needs changes, new emotions to avoid the monotony. And a new hairstyle is one of the best methods for a fresh new start!

    The answer to "Should i shave my head as girl?" is yes, in case you want to experiment with your look and have new emotions, get an eye-catching appearance, have no bad hair days or just save time and money!

    What does being bald feel like, bald women share their experience

    You will never understand the feeling of being bald unless you become one. In order to help you overcome your fears, we have searched “women shaving stories” all over Google and found the most interesting ones to share with you.

    “I was in the shower one day, and just handfuls of hair [was] just in my hands,” Jada said. “I was just like, ‘oh my God, am I going bald?’ It was one of those times in my life that I was literally shaking with fear.” Then she spoke about changing her perspective and thinking about all of the things other people are losing. She accepted the fact that hair is something small compared to everything else she could lose.” - Jada Pinket Smith

    "Shaving off my hair is so liberating. I had to do it once for a film role, but I've done it periodically, too," Cate Blanchett

    "I don't feel like me unless I have my hair shaved," Sinead O'Connor. "So even when I'm an old lady, I'm going to have it."

    “...I loved having a shaved head, I felt feminine and pretty still. Of course there were bad days but even when I had long hair I would have those days.People responded to me and my appearance much the same way as when I had long hair. It made me realise that what people find attractive about someone is a whole package of things not just one attribute.”

    “As a bald woman I have felt more attractive than when I had hair. Not worrying about if a man is going to like my hairstyle or how I’m going to do it the next day. It’s just so stress free. ”

    “ had my head shaved due to trichotillomania two years ago. It was cured about three months ago and I have decided to keep my head shaved because I feel in love with the look and it is much easier to manage than my out of control curls. Ten minutes shaving each morning beats an hour and a half washing, conditioning, drying and flat ironing. Since being bald, I am in and out of the shower in five minutes. I can't count how much money I have saved since I no longer need shampoo and conditioner….”

    “I was a teenager in the 80s when punk was in. This meant that a good number of girls rocked short/shaved hair. I guess it helped that I was living in NYC. The girls with the short hair seemed cooler, edgier, and more confident to me than girls with the typical long hair. In 11th grade, I had my hair cut short enough that it spiked up on its own. I don't know if it was the most flattering look for me because I have a round face, but I liked what short hair on a girl represented to me.
    I'm in my 40s now and I'm very sad when I see young girls. Everyone seems to have adopted the same long haired look….”

    Also, we have found many stories that people shared during covid pandemic. This difficult period brought solitude and depression in many people’s lives, which eventually increased the urge for drastic changes in order to fill the emotional “gap”. There are also many people who are saying that they eventually found the strength to try things they always wanted, like trying different hairstyles. Both men and women cut, trimmed and even shaved their hair on their own and shared their experience on social media to inspire others.


    Will I still look feminine?

    What if you regret shaving your hair? We are sure that questions like “Would i look good with a shaved head as a woman?”, “What if I regret shaving my head as a woman?” are rushing through your mind right now.

    Let’s be honest!

    Femininity and sexuality have always been women's superpowers 😎 There is no doubt about that!
    But beauty standards have drastically shifted since Ancient Greece.

    Whether you are a completely shaved woman, a “buzz cut girl”, “mohawks woman”, a “side shaved girl” or a long-haired woman, you are still the same person. You are not your hair! Many women on the other hand expect that after shaving their hair bald they will immediately become very confident and bold. The truth is that it may not add you confidence because again it is just hair or in this case, it is just their absence. What really can impact your life is the fact that you did what you wanted. You shaved your hair! If you continue to do what you want every day, that is when your life will change. It is not your shaved scalp that will change your life, it is you and your everyday decisions.


    Do men like bald women?

    Another important question that probably will hugely impact your final decision is “Do men like bald women?” “Will I still be attractive with the new haircut?” Well naturally, people have different tastes and preferences and while many men would kill for long, silky smooth hair, the good news is there are so many who find female baldness the sexiest thing ever.

    As a proof, below are some comments from users on the web:

    “It’s not the norm, but I dated a guy once who asked me if I would ever consider wearing a shaved head. It was just something he liked for whatever reason.”

    “YES!!! i find bald women extremely attractive!!! I think it shows confidence and I myself find it very feminine.. Whether being bald is from a medical condition or by choice, a bald woman is tops in my book”

    “Did you watch Black Panther (2018) (also avengers endgame)? Remember all the Wakanda warrior women? They were almost all bald .. and …Yeah.. I’d call them hot! Just trust and honour yourself. I think that makes many women seem pretty beautiful.”

    “Yes. I was quite smitten by a woman I met at Burning Man in 2012. She had a condition that caused her to lose all her hair, namely, alopecia. Her beautiful face made up for her lack of hair. I still think about that face. She got married a few years ago, as I found out on Facebook. Her husband is a very lucky man.”

    “I have been on dates with three women who were bald. Two were by choice and one had alopecia universalis. I found all three extremely attractive. As much as I like women with conventional hairstyles, I'd have to say that in the last decade and a half to two, I've been seemingly more attracted to women with edgy hairstyles, which would include women with mohawks and women who shave their heads completely bald. I not only find the look extremely sexy, but the confidence it takes to sport it is a big turn-on for me. As of recent, beautiful bald women in my immediate area are like unicorns, so my chances of finding an unmarried one to date are slim to none. I would definitely date another bald woman and even settle down with one, if luck should find me.”

    "There are plenty of men who date and even marry bald women. Some will even go as far as shaving their own head in support of their woman. My husband is always telling me to shave my head and just buy wigs so I can have a different hairstyle every day of the week. Beauty is not just what is seen with the eye, it is much deeper than that."

    “I would definitely date a bald lady. I find them super attractive and the confidence is a big turn on for me. I really like the bald / shaved head ladies that have tattooed their scalp.”

    “Hell yes. My wife shaved her head a few years ago and i begged her to stay that way. She did for a while and even went smooth a few times, that looked even better. I asked her to stay that way and even considered electrolysis to stay smooth. She seemed committed to stay that way but changed her mind unfortunately. Recently she confessed why. That if she stayed bald, she would have to get it tattooed. Again I couldn't see a problem but she was worried just how far she may go. Since then she wears a septum ring and I said it would compliment a shaved head. Fingers crossed.”




    Good-looking, beautiful bald women

    In order to inspire you, we have gathered several before and after shaved head pictures of fabulous, strong and beautiful bald women.
    1 / 7
    2 / 7
    3 / 7
    4 / 7
    5 / 7
    6 / 7
    7 / 7

    The unique appearance and confidence of shaved headed woman is what catches the eye and that is truly amazing.

    Let’s also see when did women start shaving?


    Nefertiti image

    In ancient Egypt, you could see women with shaved hair because pharaohs (both women and men) were shaving their hair. In fact, they even used rings to change the shape of their head, in order to look like their Gods.


    Cleopatra, one of the most beautiful and powerful women in history, used to shave all her hair as well



    a girl with Greek hairstyle

    It is interesting that in Greek culture the situation was completely different. Hair was considered a source of life that is why women grew their hair very long and used different ribbons and wreaths to style their hair.

    During the 17-18 centuries, because of bad living conditions and lack of neatness, people had severe skin conditions, bad smell and hair loss. In order to cover those things, people searched for solutions such as wigs, make-up and perfume, which eventually became a beauty standard today.

    Luckily today beauty standards are shifting and many women become the “shaved hair girl” by their own choice. Due to today’s efforts to change the perception of beauty, there will be a day when female bald headshave or a buzz cut will not be worth writing an article about, since “female bald headshave” would be a completely ordinary thing.


    To sum up, whether you want to save time, urge drastic changes or fight hair loss, experiment with your hair in whatever way you like! You are the same person with or without hair.
    You don't need acceptance to be happy.
    Embrace yourself.
    Don’t look out to others, be your own role model and inspire others.
    You are beautiful, and you are the one to brighten your life.

    Be Bold to be Bald !!!


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