Electric shaver vs razor - the best head razor - the difference and which one to choose

Electric Shaver vs Razor: What’s The Difference and Which One to Choose? [2023 Definitive Guide]

Electric shaver vs razor: what is the difference and which one is better? Certainly, each one has its pros and cons, so we decided to dig deeper to find the answer.

Our small research will help you discover:

What Is The Difference Between Electric and Manual Razors?

The first prototypes of razors were identified back in the Bronze age:

bronze age shaver prototype

Made of bronze or obsidian, these shaving tools have significantly changed in their shape and size, but in terms of usage, the mechanism is quite similar to modern straight razors. Over the past centuries, only 3 main types of shavers have been invented: straight, disposable and electric razors. Let’s now unveil the difference between them!

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Electric Shaver vs Razor: What is the functional difference?



Below you will find the main differences in the basic functionality between manual and electric shavers:


Electric Shaver

With manual razors, the hair is cut with a single stroke of the blade

With an electric shaver, the hair is cut between two blades (like the motion of scissors)

The blade of a manual razor lifts the hair from the follicle before cutting it

The shaver presses down on the skin and creates a bow wave

The lifted hair is cut and gets back below the skin’s surface to give you that smooth shave

The skin contacts the holes of the foil and causes the hair to become more exposed 

The hair might be more noticeable and perhaps appear darker or thicker after shaving with both electric and manual shaver, but it's actually not.


All Possible Pros and Cons of Both Electric Shavers and Manual Razors

Both manual razors and electric shavers have specific advantages and disadvantages and your decision mostly depends on them. Find all the possible pros and cons of them below: 

Should I Use Manual Razor?


  • Closest shave for a longer period of time 
  • Blades are easily replaced
  • Usually the cheapest option available, however, their cost adds up over time
  • Manual razors are easy to clean and to travel with


  • Dry shave with a manual razor is not possible 
  • Shaving takes longer due to the use of grooming products such as shaving cream, foam and aftershave solutions
  • The blades of manual razors dull very quickly and need to be replaced once every few days
  • You often get nicks, cuts and ingrown hair as you might have to go over the same area several times to get the closest shave
  • Manual razors are less versatile as they do require a wet shave and water for a painless shave
  • Some manual razors are very expensive
  • Short shaved hair creates a real mess around you

Should I Use Electric Razor?


  • Fast shave: the rotary blades reduce the total shaving time at least by half 
  • Easy to use: electric razor usually have ergonomic handle design and is very convenient to use, especially for older people 
  • Easy to clean: just rinse under running water
  • Deeper clean is possible: some upgraded blades of electric  head and face shavers can be opened in a snap and rinsed under running water for a deeper clean 
  • Safe shave without nicks and cuts: Electric shavers have won over customers with trouble areas due to birthmarks, freckles, scars, acne and even those who simply cannot afford to break the skin. With electric shavers, you get a smooth shave without getting nicks and cuts, razor burn, bumps, and ingrown hair.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin: safe shave without any skin irritation 
  • Mess-free shaving experience, since the hair is collected in the blade thanks to the in-built vacuum technology 
  • The independently floating blades allow 360° of contouring and perfectly adjust to the contours and curves of your head, face, chin, neck, and legs
  • Can be used both cordless and in "plug and shave" mode 
  • Portable and convenient to travel with 
  • Battery life indicator to know exactly when the shaver needs to be recharged
  • Both wet and dry shave is possible, thus you can use shaving cream with an electric razor or shave freely without it
  • Some new models of waterproof electric shaver (such as SkullShaver) are 100% water-resistant and can be used even in the shower 
  • Convenient to shave on the go, in the car, whenever and wherever you wish 
  • They are more versatile: you can shave facial hair, beards, moustaches, and sideburns
  • The blades of electric razors are very durable and long-lasting
  • Reliable companies provide manufacturer's warranty to cover up for any defects



  • Electric razors provide you with a clean shave but the closest results are possible with manual razors 
  • They are heavier than manual razors and are bigger in size
  • Buzzing sound while shaving, which can sometimes be disturbing 
  • Initially higher investment required to purchase it (though in a long-run you actually save money)

Your Expectations and Needs 

To make the final decision you need to identify your expectations and needs. The majority of people tend to fall under one of these two categories: 

Group #1 

  • You have the time and patience for a slower and more time-consuming method of shaving
  • You’re confident that you can avoid cutting or nicking your skin, getting skin irritation and razor burn with the razor
  • You don’t mind spending additional money on shaving cream/soap etc. 

Group #2

  • You'd like need to save time and want a faster, easier, no-mess shave
  • You have a spare budget to spend on advanced shaving gadgets, which would allow you to save money in the long run
  • You don’t mind a little bit less thorough but a totally clean shave

If your expectations and needs are closer to the ones mentioned in the 1st group, you should most probably choose manual razors. Otherwise, your best choice will definitely be an electric shaver for your bald head and face!!!

12 Proven Reasons to Choose a Rotary Electric Shaver 

After you have learned everything about electric shavers and manual razors and have better understood your expectations and needs, you are ready to take that decision!

And to make it easier for you, we have highlighted 12 proven reasons to choose electric shaver:

  1. Save Time 

    As a general rule, the electric shavers significantly reduce the time required to shave your face or head, thanks to the safety mechanism and advanced blade technologies. The rotary blades of your electric shaver will reduce the total shaving time at least by half and provide you with a fast shave within just a few minutes.

  2. Save Money

    While the initial investment required for purchasing the shaver is higher than for conventional razor, a good quality electric shaver will serve you for years. You would simply need to consider changing the blades once every few months, to make sure the quality of the shave is not compromised.

  3. Shave Wet and Dry

    Some advanced models of electric shavers give the opportunity to shave both wet and dry. This means you can save time and shave without any shaving cream or foam and even without water. Or, if you have spare time, you can enjoy the traditional wet shave. What’s more, with electric head and face shavers like Skull Shaver you can enjoy the shave even in the shower!

  4. Shave On The Go

    Most of the electric shavers are super convenient to shave on the go, in the car, whenever and wherever you wish! Get to all tough to reach areas without a mirror or any other shaving supplements.

  5. Shave With No Mess

    As a general rule, electric shavers are equipped with in-built vacuum technology, which pulls hair inwards and provides you with a mess-free shaving experience. The hair will stay off your skin and shirt so you can always have a clean shave and look your best wherever you go!

  6. Take While Travelling

    Another major advantage of electric shavers is the convenience of transportation, especially for travellers. The reasonable size and weight of electric head shavers allow you to use it while travelling: just pack it in its travel case and put in the suitcase to look your best anytime and everywhere!

  7. Clean With Ease

    To clean the electric shaver just rinse the cutting blades under running water. This way you will also extend blade life and keep your shaves as smooth as day one.

  8. Safe Shave

    Electric shavers are very safe to use with a lower risk of getting any nicks and cuts.  The sharp cutting edges of electric razor for the head, face, and beard glide smoothly over irregularities and have won over customers with trouble areas due to birthmarks, freckles, and scars.

  9. No Irritation

    An electric head shaver is perfect for sensitive skin since they ensure a safe shave without any skin irritation. You may still want to give your skin an adaptation period of 2-3 weeks when switching to an electric shaver.

  10. Get To Tough Areas With Ease

    Electric shavers allow better and safer access to tough areas of head and face, without compromising the quality of the shave. Most of the shavers have flexible heads which better adjust to the contours of the head for better comfort of shaving. 

  11. Use Cordless or In Plug and Shave Mode

    Some electric razors can be used both cordless and in "plug and shave" mode. And the battery life indicator will let you know when exactly the shaver needs a recharge. 

  12. Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

    Most of the electric shavers come with a manufacturer warranty and money-back guarantee to protect customers. 


The Final Say!

Long story short, to choose between electric and manual shavers you need to find out the differences between them, reveal pros and cons and define your needs and expectations! Don’t forget about the 12 proven reasons for choosing an electric shaver and the guide for using it. 

I do really hope you’ll find this article helpful and will make your decision with ease!!





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