Top 8 Best Aftershaves for Men’s Head and Face in 2023

Top 8 Best Aftershaves for Men’s Head and Face in 2023


What is an aftershave?
Is aftershave necessary?
Types of men's aftershave
Top 8 best aftershaves for head and face! How to choose aftershave?
How to use aftershave?
FAQ about aftershaves


What is an aftershave?

The hint is in the name, isn’t it?
Aftershave is any type of liquid, gel, balm, or other substance you apply to your face or head after each shave to disinfect your skin, refresh, tone, and leave your face lightly scented.

Using aftershave is a ritual for most, but the choice can be difficult when it comes to the best aftershave for a bald head, as it depends on many factors like the skin type, ingredients, or consistency.

A well-chosen aftershave can help you to prevent the discomfort that may occur after shaving. It is mainly necessary for those, who have sensitive skin, want to prevent acne, irritation, skin dryness, and calm redness. So the purpose of aftershave is to leave your skin refreshed, lightly scented, and prevent some skin problems.


Is an aftershave necessary?

Now it’s time to discuss the benefits of the aftershave. Using aftershave provides a male with various benefits.

  • Your skin is more protected

    You may not realize it, but shaving removes the top layer of your skin, leaving it exposed, which may result in sunburn, dryness and irritation. That is why, what your skin needs is a good aftershave, which will provide a layer of protection.

  • Skincare

    Men’s aftershaves give you a smooth, toned, and neat appearance by keeping your head and face moisturized.

  • It’s hygienic

    Aftershaves are hygienic due to the antibacterial properties they have. As we know, shaving can lead to clogged pores, which can cause blackheads, whiteheads, and acne. Putting aftershave is a great way to kill bacteria and protect your skin.

  • It smells great

    Fragrance plays a huge role in how you feel, as it can improve your mood.. Because when you know that your skin looks perfect and you smell fresh, you get a natural boost to your confidence level.


Types of men's aftershaves

aftershave lotion vs. balm

There are mainly three types of men’s aftershaves:

  • Aftershave Balms

    have a thicker consistency than creams because they don't contain water. They are typically alcohol-free and made from oils and beeswax.

  • Aftershave Splash

    is a transparent liquid with a strong scent. They are usually alcohol-based and meant to prevent irritation from minor cuts.

  • Aftershave Lotions

    are a liquid, but they are different from an Aftershave Splash because they have a lower alcohol concentration. They usually consist of shea butter, glycerin and aloe vera..


How to choose an aftershave

Now when you have some background about the aftershave types, it is time to discuss the next question, which is “How to choose the best aftershave for the head and face?”

The answer to this question mainly depends on your skin type. Thus, you should determine your skin type first, and only after that, you can choose the aftershave. We can divide the skin types into 4 main groups: normal, dry, oily and sensitive. Let’s dive deeper and see what are the top 8 men’s best aftershaves of 2023 for your skin type, here you will find both expensive and affordable aftershave lotions and balms:

- Aftershave for normal skin
- Aftershave for dry skin
- Aftershave for oily skin
- Aftershave for sensitive skin 


Aftershave for normal skin

First, let's clarify what we mean by saying normal skin type.

The normal skin is well-balanced, neither too dry nor too oily skin. It has a clean, soft appearance and barely visible pores, blemishes, and spots.
You don't need special care for normal skin. Just make sure to use an aftershave product to hydrate, smooth your skin without suffocating your pores, as your skin needs to breathe.

Here are 2 great aftershaves for normal skin:


After Shave balm by Skull Shaver

aftershave by Skull Shaver


If you are looking for a paraben, sulfate-free product and a product that is rich in vitamin E and many other natural ingredients, you are in the right place, as it's one of the best natural aftershave balms.
This product has a high-quality herbal formula and has not been tested on animals. Great for all skin types, including normal skin.

Customer’s review:
“I was looking for a 100% natural aftershave balm without any nasty chemical ingredients. Finally, I found Skull Shaver’s Aftershave Balm. It smells very nice, it feels like it is 'cleaning and disinfecting all the pores and the skin. Definitely recommend it!”


Facial Moisturizer by Sukin

aftershave for men by sukin

Facial moisturizer by Sukin is one of the best smelling aftershaves for a man’s head and face. Sukin offers you a product that is created specifically for Men's skin. This facial moisturizer is made of Sesame, Coconut, Jojoba Oils, and Aloe Vera, which hydrates and soothes your skin.
The other ingredients it contains are the Baobab Extract, vitamin E, and Tasmanian Pepper that promotes healthy skin, and the masculine blend of Cinnamon and Citrus refreshes the senses. Gently massage a small amount of Sukin facial moisturizer into your face, head, and neck after shaving once or twice daily.

Customer’s review:
“Not being one for facial care normally. I’m outdoors a lot and needed something to rehydrate my face. I’m on my third bottle in just over a year. I use sparingly and it does the job brilliantly. Smells great and doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve dipped your face in lard or turn you into a shiny faced bowling ball.
Thanks for making a great product that’s animal and cruelty-free”


Aftershave for dry skin

A smooth shave can be powerful, but shaving can also ruin all the fun if you have dry skin. Sometimes, shaving can dry the skin of your head or cause it to feel tight, rough, and look dull. As your head skin dries eventually, it will begin to flake off, causing dandruff. You may also have redness that accompanies dry, itchy scalp.

That uncomfortable feeling occurs when the skin doesn’t retain sufficient moisture.
You can avoid having dry skin by using aftershave balms that contain natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, honey, or aloe vera. Try to avoid the aftershaves that contain alcohol.

Below are presented 2 top recommended aftershaves for dry skin:

CeraVe moisturizing cream

aftershave for men by cerave

The CeraVe moisturizing cream is the best aftershave for men with dry skin, as it hydrates the skin and keeps it moisturized all day. It moisturizes and protects the skin’s natural barrier. This product is fragrance-free; it's non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. You can apply the product to your face and head as often as you need.

Customer’s review:
“I received this cream as a trial but didn't believe it would be possible to work on my type of skin. After using several dry/eczema skincare products from the store /chemists and doctors, some only work temporarily. But since applying this product the difference shows, after using for one day my skin is less dry which means less creaming. At last something works! Just hope it's not expensive when it hits the shops!. Thanks for letting me test it. ”

Moisturizing Recovery Cream by Shiseido

aftershave for men by Shiseido

This product is special, made for the skin, which dries and damages after shaving. It works to hydrate and soothe dry, irritated skin, preserving its moisture throughout the day. It is also tested by dermatologists.

Customer’s review
“Very good product. I have been using this for more than 5yrs.”


Aftershave for oily skin

The scalp becomes oily quite quickly if you have oily skin. Usually, the produced oil keeps the head moisturized, but if the body produces too much oil, it can cause an oily, shiny head. This skin type appears to have large pores and is vulnerable to blackheads.

So how to choose an aftershave for oily skin: well, the most important thing is that you should look for an aftershave that does not contain shea butter, as it’s going to over-moisturize and even cause more oil on your skin.
Look for something that soothes pores and is water-based. The preference should be also given to the products containing some amount of alcohol, which will dry up some of the oil that you have on your skin.

Here you will find 2 aftershaves that are the best for oily skin type:

Weleda after shave balm

Weleda aftershave


Weleda is a moisturizing aftershave lotion that has refreshing qualities. It offers you a fast-absorbed daily moisture cream with a clean, fresh fragrance, which will hydrate, protect, and smooth your skin throughout the day. This aftershave formulated with several natural ingredients and low concentration alcohol. Just shake before use and gently apply to your face and head.

Customer’s review:
“It has a really light and subtle scent and is excellent after your morning shave. I haven't had any problems with this and would recommend using the Weleda men's face cream along with it.”

Clinique For Men Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer


Clinique aftershave for men


Looking for the best-selling men's aftershave lotion in the UK?
This oil control mattifying moisturizer by Clinique can be an irreplaceable item in your bathroom if you have oily skin. It does not only provide lightweight hydration, but it also provides a comfortable feel on the skin, and balances oily skins and helps to mattify your skin throughout the day.

Customer’s review
“I've long searched for a moisturizer that could control shine as I have combination skin, with an oily T-zone and dry cheeks. Every oil control moisturizer that I have tried to date has always made me break out in spots except for this one! Keeps the shine at bay, though would probably need reapplying once throughout the day. It's kept any pesky spots at bay and seems to be doing a good job. Skin looks healthier and feels much nicer. I'll definitely buy this again.”

Aftershave for sensitive skin

When your skin is easily irritated, then you have sensitive skin as this type of skin is more vulnerable than normal skin. Identifying symptoms such as redness, stinging, itching, and burning help in determining skin condition.

Experiencing irritation after shaving can be super uncomfortable; however, it is a common issue.

Irritated skin won’t only bother you but will also be visible to everyone. This is not a problem anymore, as there are many bald head aftershaves that help to prevent skin irritations.

The best thing you can do for irritated skin is to use an aftershave balm that contains natural ingredients with anti-inflammations. It would be also good if you also looked for a non-oily formula and PH balanced products.
So, what is the best aftershave for sensitive skin? Let’s find out!

After-Shave Balm NUXE Men

aftershave for men by NUXE

The aftershave balm by Nuxe is formulated for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Thus, if you have sensitive skin, we recommend you to use this product, as it is made of natural ingredients, such as oak bark, hornbeam buds, sandalwood, baobab leaf mucilage, araucaria seed, horse chestnut, etc.
Use it in the morning or the evening after shaving, although it can also be used as part of a daily skincare regimen.

Customer’s review:
“After using this product nothing else I have tried has come close to the quality.”


Aftershave Gel by Horace

Men's aftershave by horace

The aftershave gel by Horace is made 95.7% from natural ingredients. It’s also silicone, paraben, and mineral oil-free and helps your skin heal after every shave. It will refresh, motorize your skin, and will smooth razor burns. Furthermore, it contains Aloe Vera, which soothes your skin and helps repair it, the Kukui oil nourishes and calms your skin and the magic menthol leaves your skin feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Customer’s review:
“One of the best gels I have come across. Definitely recommended if like me, you easily get a rash after shaving.
Recommend this product ”


How to use aftershaves

Follow these 3 simple steps to use the aftershave correctly:

  • Rinse

    After shaving, rinse your head and face with cold water. It’ll close up your pores, making it harder for excess oil, dirt, and bacterias to clog up the skin on your face. Also, it will make you feel a lot more awake!
  • Dry

    Use a clean towel to pat dry. Do not rub with the towel, as it can irritate or damage your skin.
  • Apply aftershave

    The final step is putting a small amount of aftershave into your hands and applying it evenly on your head and face that you’ve shaved.

Please, make sure to also read the instructions on the packaging when using the product, as it may contain specific instructions on how to use the aftershave or on how much aftershave to use.

Here is a little comparison chart for all the products presented above


comparison chart for 8 aftershaves for head and face


FAQ about aftershaves

Does aftershave go off/expire?

The answer is YES. It can last for six months to five years, depending on the ingredients and how it's stored. Aftershaves, like every product, lose strength or give a strange, sour smell with passing the time. Thus, if you are looking for long-lasting and good quality aftershave, give your preference to those containing alcohol as they normally last longer, letting you make the best use out of them.

How long does aftershave last?

The purpose of aftershave is to prevent the discomfort that may occur following a shave, and it is not meant to do the same function as perfume does. It contains not more than 1-3 % perfume oil and normally lasts approximately 2-3 hours.

Can aftershave replace the moisturizer? / Is aftershave a moisturizer?

Do you believe the aftershave and the moisturizer combat the same issue?
These two are designed for different purposes. A moisturizer helps with dry skin, and the aftershave soothes irritation after your shave. Although the aftershave will have moisturizing properties, you should use a good moisturizer to give your skin the best solution against dryness.

And finally, the aftershave always looks pretty cool in the movies. A well-dressed gentleman would give himself a flawless shave followed by a smack on the cheeks with a small amount of aftershave. Why don't you create your own "movie", where you are the Hero, who enjoys shaving and putting on an aftershave?

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