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Top 20 Bald Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

Top 20 Bald Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

If you are a big lover of Halloween parties, this article is right for you!

As you probably know, Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31st across the globe. On this day, every bar, pub, restaurant or even a friend is throwing a party where you should show up in an appropriate costume. Since you are bald, you are lucky to have a chance to transform into one of many signature bald characters of all time. To make it easier for you, we’ve decided to present you the list of the most well-known bald characters, that would make you the star of the party. 

Here are the top 20 bald Halloween costume ideas of 2023! 

1. Soldier - Squid Game


bald man fancy dress - squidgame
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Ready to set up the game? If you want to have the trendiest costume of 2023, then the Red Jumpsuit from Squid game is right for you! No doubt, a soldier's mask is a perfect fit for your bald head! Moreover, a soldier's costume is the perfect choice for you if you are not good at doing make-up because, in this case, you don’t need one. When choosing the mask, think who in the hierarchy you want to be: triangle, circle, or square.
Get costumes here!


2. Freddy Krueger - A Nightmare on Elm Street 3

Freddy Krueger with a scalp in his hand
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By saying Freddy Krueger, we all picture burned, hurt face, dirty red-and-green striped sweater and brown fedora. And the key point of the character - metal-clawed brown leather glove only on the right hand. Check also this Freddy Krueger makeup tutorial. Already imagined yourself in this scary Halloween costume? Hurry up to do the utmost of your look! Get costume here.  


3. Morpheus - Matrix 

Morpheus from Matrix in black long leather coat and with a gun in his hand

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A leader in the real world, faithful and brave in the face of great danger and challenges  - this is another cool Halloween costume idea for you. Black round glasses, leather coat and formal wear with a fine tie - this is all you need to wear! Get costume here.


4. Hitman

easy bald halloween costume - Hitman

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If you haven’t had time to get ready for Halloween this last-minute Halloween costume will be your best choice! Elegant and thrilling at the same time! Button-down white shirts, black slacks and blazer, red tie and leather gloves. Powder your face, take the “gun” and enjoy the party! 


5. Thanos - Avengers 

Thanos from Avengers standing with his hands down

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Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, immortality and invulnerability among other qualities that come together in one character. Put the emphasis on makeup and choose the appropriate costume. This can also turn into an inflatable Halloween costume in case you decide to look as big as Thanos in fact! Get costume here.


6. Professor X - X-Men

Professor x from X Men in black jacket
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The serious look and unbeatable charisma are all you need to transform into never-fading character! A black turtleneck sweater, armour vest and a leather jacket will come to help if you could not find the exact Professor X costume.

7. Genie - Aladdin 

bald man fancy dress for halloween - aladdin
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Well, here, you have two options: either come out of blue smoke or on two legs! Black hair tied in a ponytail (easy to attach a fake one) and a beard with a swirl that sticks out at the chin is a must-do anyways. Liven things up with a typical makeup and accessories to get one of the famous male Halloween costumes! Get costume here.

8. Popeye the Sailor 

Popeye the Sailor standing with a pipe in his mouth

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Now, who doesn’t remember this little seaman with an ever-present pipe in his mouth, bulging forearms, squinty eye and a screwed-up face - funny men’s Halloween costume. Find the matching outfit and spice it up with a courageous, manly behaviour of a gentleman - you are ready and it’s time to have fun! Get costume here.


9. The mask 

The mask Jim Carey in yellow suit and green mask

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In the wide range of Halloween costume ideas for men, this is one of the most popular 90s Halloween costumes.  “The Mask”, also known as the “Big Head”, is a classic Halloween character - always unbeatable, never forgotten! All in yellow - blazer, slacks and hat with a feather on it, black tie with suspenders, white shirt and the well-known green mask! Remember to fade away your eyebrows to finish up you impeccable look! Get costume here.


10. Varys - Game of Thrones

Varys from Game of Thrones standing in black clothes


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Looking for an affordable and easy Halloween costume? Try to incarnate to Varys from Game of Thrones. A vastly intelligent, mysterious and cowardly man with effeminate behaviour.  Powder your face, put on some soft slippers and clothes in outrageous colours. A kind reminder, that Varys usually smells of lilac:)

11.Voldemort - Harry Potter

Voldemort from Harry Potter with white face black clothes

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Voldemort or "the evilest wizard for hundreds and hundreds of years" - an outstanding Harry Potter Halloween costume. A raging psychopath with one and only ambition in his life -  become all-powerful and immortal. The flat nose (which you can get with a makeup), white-powdered face and a mysterious look. One of the simplest boys Halloween costumes if not for the makeup - a long black cloak that covers you below the neck, except for your hands. Get costume here.

12. Dr Evil - Austin Powers 

Dr Evil from Austin Powers sitting with his little finger in the mouth

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A criminal genius who has difficulty comprehending money. Blue lenses, slightly whitened eyebrows, big ring on the little finger and grey-blue turtleneck blazer. And the final shot - pop up the eyebrow as Dr Evil does. Get costume here.


13. Uncle Fester - Addams Family 

Uncle Fester from Addams Family with white face and dark undereyes

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A simple Addams Family Halloween costume: Uncle Fester. Hunched,  barrel-shaped bald man with dark, sunken eyes (add black eyeshadow under your eyes after powdering your face) and often a deranged smile. Simply wear a heavy, full-length fur coat and powder you face. Very simple and a perfect plus size Halloween costume idea,- isn’t it? Get costume here.


14. Count Orlok - Nosferatu

Nosferatu vampire in black long coat


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A weird vampire Halloween costume: scary and horrifying vampire, who could thrill everyone in the town! White face, long and pointed ears, long fingers, tough eyebrows and long-long black coat (makeup tutorial for Nosferatu face) - one of the best Halloween costumes of all times. You can frighten the guests to death with the vampire of Nosferatu. Get costume here.

15. Nux - Mad Max: Fury Road

sexy halloween costume ideas for men - Naked Nux from Mad Max
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 A "hard nut to crack" with a religious devotion represented by engine block scarification on his chest. Nux is most probably one of the best Halloween costumes for men bald at 20. Blue lenses, leather clothes and the right make up can turn you into Nux in just a few minutes and your hot and sexy Halloween costume is ready!


16. Val Valentino - Magician Secret 

Val Valentino from magician secret
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A mysterious and know-it-all personality! Black velour gloves, black blazer and the well-known black and white mask - that’s it, ready to go!


17. Darth Maul - Star Wars

Darth Maul from Star Wars standing in black clothes and red mask


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A skilled fighter with a lightsaber and a terrifying look - with a lightsaber - red mask, yellow-red eyes, black long coat with a huge hood - this creative Halloween costume idea is exactly what you need. And this makeup tutorial will make you complete the look. Get costume here.


18. Walter White - Breaking Bad

Walter White in yellow jumpsuit and a pink gas mask
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Walter White’s character is a perfect idea for a homemade and simple Halloween costume if you have a handy yellow jumpsuit! Mild-mannered school teacher and family man to ruthless criminal mastermind and murderer -  the 50-year-old Walter White from Breaking Bad is one of the most contradictory characters of our time.  A yellow jumpsuit and a gas mask - your version of Walter White is all set up! This is a perfect Halloween costume for bald men with beards!  Get costume here.


19. John Coffey - The Green Mile 

sexy halloween costume ideas for men - John Coffey from The Green Mile

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A pretty good and simple Halloween costume for you: innocent, child-like mind saturated in a powerful physical body! Put on a denim torn-out jumpsuit and a yellow dirty t-shirt - your Halloween costume couldn’t be any easier!


20.  Ragnar Lodbrok (Lothbrok) - The Vikings

 sexy halloween costume ideas for men - Ragnar Lodbrok

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Need some sexy Halloween costume ideas, Ragnar Lodbrok is here for you! Clever, courageous, bloodthirsty warrior entirely dedicated to his family, friends and warriors. A clean shave with a ragged full beard and the Viking costume is the best way to create the character of Ragnar Lodbrok! Get costume here.


21. Did we miss anything? If you think so, suggest your version of a bald Halloween character in the comments. The best idea will get 5% off on any purchase from our website! 



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