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Doctor and medical blogger ZDoggMD talks about his experience with Skull Shaver while discussing a recent Yelp review in the medical field.





We have tried and compared several electric shavers on our patients. Skull Shaver beats them hands down.

- Purchasing Manager from a large oncology company in NE USA pioneering a novel therapy for cancer



Company Milestones

  • 2013Introduced Skull Shaver to the public for the first time in the USA. Obtained several Design and Utility patents in the USA, China, Canada, India, Australia, Japan, South Africa and Brazil.
  • 2014Brought Skull Shaver to Canada for the first time. Featured in main stream media including Philadelphia Inquirer, CBS News, The Real, Doctors and many other programs.
  • 2015Introduced Skull Shaver in UK and Europe for the first time. Featured in media.
  • 2016Introduced Beast Clipper
  • 2017Featured in Inc. Magazine 500 list as one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in USA. Maintained a 1262% 3 year average growth rate. Introduced Skull Shaver in Japan.
  • 2018Introduced Skull Shaver in Australia. First oncology treatment center begin using our product.
  • 2019Our first 30 second ad featured in Superbowl. Introduced Skull Shaver in India.


What Cancer Patients are Saying about Skull Shaver

skullshaver features
  • Star Rating For medical reasons I needed to remove my hair from my head. My husband was outstanding removing my huge mane of hair with a set of strong clippers we bought for him. I have to maintain the growth as its sporadic and the clippers we buzz my husband with are heavy and impossible to use on my own every few days not to mention being tethered to an outlet. I researched and found this skull shaver "Bald Eagle Smart". It appeared at my door very quick (thanks Prime) and was ready to go upon opening. I used it to clean up my fuzzy spots and the difference between the clippers and foil shaving is night & day. Light, super close and no cord! The medical treatment I'm on can really cause flared irritation on my skin so I need a gentle method and this is close enough to feel my soft skin with the grain. The photo is a day's worth of growth of what was a huge, thick head of deep brunette hair. For a man using this he could easily go from head to face! My husband is going to give it a try next time for himself. If someone is used to a straight razor finish there might be touch up or once over to get that but for the speed and quality I'm getting with it I'm very happy.

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I wanted to make sure to let you know how happy we are with your shaver. My husband suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and then a pulmonary embolism leaving him weak and with little strength on his right side which is his dominant side. Your shaver is allowing him to shave his own head again.I have been helping him and now you have given him back a sense of independence. He has been shaving his head bald for over 20 years and WE just wanted to say THANK YOU! The rehabilitation center did not have a solution except to let the hair grow out or have it buzzed out short – and when he started blood thinners, they told us not to use a regular razor anymore.Maybe my husband is not the only bald stroke patient OR bald person on blood thinners out there…. We told everyone we could at rehab and we will continue to tell everyone we can about SKULL SHAVER. We cannot thank you enough.

- Wendy and Chad (July 18, 2019)

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